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Check e-mail validity

Here you can check for validity of any e-mail address you like totally free. System will check not only the e-mail format (like name@domain.com), but also true availability of that address.


E-mail validity


Prosend with advanced sent mails analytics

With ProSend, you can manage your contacts and newsletters.

Advanced Newsletter Platform

ProSend Mailer is an intuitive, web-based software that allows you to easily create, manage, send and track newsletters and e-mail campaigns to unlimited number of clients.


Manage Contacts

ProSend supports a number of methods for importing your contacts and data.

An intuitive import / export wizard lets you import text (csv) or Excel files with numerous columns of data.

Create E-mail Campaign

ProSend includes a easy-to-use HTML Editor that allows even HTML beginners to easily create great looking HTML messages. Experienced designers can simply import their design from file.

You also gets loads of Template designs. The template designs makes sending email campaigns quick and easy. You can use any of our templates and modify it for your needs.


ProSend ensures that all e-mail gets delivered, and automatically checks e-mail validity of your contacts.

ProSend's Remote Sending feature allows you to send your pre-made campaigns from anywhere. Just send an e-mail and activate your campaign.


The ProSend platform includes tools designed to help you determine the exact analysis of your campaigns.

ProSend also allows you to see what type of bounce is being generated (hard bounce vs. soft bounce) as well as see the full bounce description.



Intuitive, web-based software that allows you to easily design, manage, send and track newsletters and e-mail campaigns to unlimited number of clients.

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We design from your vision. Our team of designers will help you create your web-site profesionally and effectively.

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e-mail Marketing Top Tips

Email marketing is ideal when you want to reach thousands of potential clients. It is very cheap and easy way to create an effective and regular dialogue with your readers whilst enhancing your brand.
Here you can find some tips for a successful e-mail campaign.

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